Thursday, 15 September 2011

Hull City (A) 17th September 2001 - No match stats this time pre game. Just a pure dig at Hull City

Now with the game away at Hull City fast approaching most Pompey fans will be talking about the fact that we were close to going out of business the last time we played there away last season. So to buck the trend I’m going to open my blog with a memory of something else involving Hull City that didn’t involve Pompey;  Phil Brown’s infamous rendition of ‘My Way’ by Old Blues Eyes - Frank Sinatra. My God if he could have heard it, he’d have been turning in his grave. And some have the cheek to call me attention seeking. Even I wouldn’t stoop that low. It was such a sad day to see Phil Brown depart from Hull City. I wonder if he sang it across the car park to himself having been shown the door?

Hull City – Two words…. Hull City… What can you say about Hull City apart from slate an ex-Managers last day of the season sing a long? And obviously his fake tan which would give Ray Wilkins an obvious foot back in the door to full employment to resurrect his voiceovers for ‘You’ve been tangoed!’ since he got the boot from Chelsea. There was that God awful Tigers kit in the early 90s that looked like it wouldn’t have been out of place appearing on the shoulders of Coronations Street’s Bett Lynch. I’m starting to clutch at straws now. *Turns to Google – Dean Windass ; great goal scorer and servant of the club and a comedy gold surname to boot, I bet he got plenty of stick at school. Robert Crampton my favourite writer for The Times newspaper, he’s a son of Hull… OK I’m bored of Hull City now.

Let’s talk about last weekend at West Ham United instead. But where to start? For a game we lost 4-3 there were so many positives for once and signs that the side are starting to gel together. Every fan knew that Matty Taylor would score for the Hammers. Sometimes you don’t like to be proven right on everything as a fan. I can safely say that I put my foot in it having stated that Henri Lansbury would be the player to watch before the game, having bet on Matty Taylor to score anytime and predicted that Liam Lawrence would be sent off in the second half. It wasn’t one of my finer days for putting the kiss of death on things it’s fair to say. Don’t hold it against me.

The game had everything – At times it was a montage to be played against the back drop of Elton John’s - Pin Ball Wizard. A lesson to referee’s on how when ball to hand doesn’t mean it’s a penalty. Three goals away from home and a first half goal for Pompey since I came out of nappies – OK blatant lie, I gave up that fetish in 2008. New signing Luke Varney looked like a man possessed at times going forward and I’m even going to skip over both the Liam Lawrence bookings that saw him dismissed and cost us the game. OK I lied – He should have been red carded for the first. Sorry SC but you were wrong in your post match assessment that it wasn’t even a booking.

But we scored three away from home. Greg Halford looks the man to take penalties even if you wouldn’t want him backing you up in a fight if he’s going to go down like Joey Barton looking every inch a big girl’s blouse.

Normally at this point I’d be trying to throw in some interesting pre-match statistics to back up my pre-game analysis. Not this week. Surely an away win awaits? I don’t want to look at what Hull City have achieved so far this season home and away because frankly I just want to see Pompey win away.

“Oh jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way, oh what fun it is to see Pompey win away….”

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