Sunday, 5 February 2012

If logic tells you a baby cannot be conceived by watching 3D porn what else can logic tell you?

If your faith and belief in a subject are so strong then any sense of logic can begin to disappear out of the window and any other views proposed including those with actual factual basis are readily ignored and dismissed with diminutive ease. If you want something to be true you can quite easily kid yourself with a strong sense of passion from within that what is happening is actually the case.

Unless your brain is focused and ready to deal with information on all levels to find an answer to a situation it will become your own worst enemy. If you don’t allow yourself to be moved from a path you’re taking that you believe is right then sadly you might miss a lot that’s right under your nose at that very moment in time and you might find you’ve walked too far down a path to change even when at the very last moment you see everyone else waving from afar. They’re all calling your name but you’ve become too far removed to hear or listen to what anyone else is saying.

In May 2010 the American media reported a story on a white woman who had a black baby who claimed she fell pregnant whilst watching a porn movie in 3D. According to reports, the child’s father who was white, was also serving in Iraq at the time of conception. He is quoted as saying “I see it as suspicious. The films in 3D are very real. With today’s technology, anything is possible.”

Now consider that story if you will. I am hoping that there isn’t one single person reading this that would consider the story to be true. Watching porn in 3D cannot get you pregnant. Getting drunk and having unprotected sex with a black man whilst your husband is away serving in Iraq however can.

When we are presented with information on a subject we’re not passionate about it’s a lot easier for the brain to digest and make clarity of what’s being reported. You’ll probably feel a level of pity for the poor guy for wanting to desperately believe so much that what he has been told is true. His love for his wife is obviously so strong that any logic and reason has gone out of the window. He desperately wants to believe what he is being told is the truth and that what’s presented to him is the only way it could have happened.

All it will take to change his mind is a bit of time and someone having a friendly word in his ear telling him not to be so much of an idiot. ‘3D porn cannot get you pregnant.’

The Bible teaches us of the immaculate conception; so if we know 3D porn cannot make someone pregnant then taking that logic and using it in another confine and space to look at another question would help us to see an answer to something else a lot more clearly.

If the Hebrew word almah meaning a young woman of marriageable age been mistranslated by someone into Greek as parthenos or virgin instead of the word Hebrew word bethulah which specifically means virgin, we could argue the case that a simple act of mistranslation has lead to one of the biggest faux pas’ in all of history. Because we know you cannot conceive though 3D porn we can now begin to logically claim that there is no logic to the immaculate conception other than an error in time. Its Chinese whispers gone wrong but on a Biblical scale.

So the more we actually think with a sense of rhyme and logic we can start to walk along a clearer path and chop away some of the foliage that is in our line of vision. Our friends stood behind us might become more audible to those making cries at the other end of the path saying that you need to follow. There is hope for us all that when we begin to think with more logic we will realise that there is more than one path open for us to walk along.

Propaganda is a form of communication that is solely aimed at influencing the attitude of a community towards some cause or position as to benefit oneself of one’s group. When people stop becoming impartial and start providing information from their own rhetoric then information that is displayed is used primarily to influence an audience.

Propaganda is biased and facts are selectively presented thus possibly lying by omission to encourage a particular synthesis. The use of a loaded message can produce an emotional response and the desired result is a change in an attitude toward the subject in the target audience. This can be used to further someone’s own agenda.

Two factors combine; bias and our emotions to considerably enhance our susceptibility. Fear either present of created by propaganda can be extremely important to a person’s level of susceptibility.

It will take thousands of years for water to fall on a stone and to create a hole. Sadly our own mind isn’t made up of stone although many will choose to build a concrete wall to certain things when their emotions are being played with by people with their own agenda’s. We may choose to blinker ourselves so that we are blind to anything else that we can see, happy and content in ourselves so much are we that we don’t want to look anywhere else.

But look is what you must do. You must take the logic and shout out loud that you know babies can’t come from 3D porn. So if babies can’t come from 3D porn is there only one way?

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